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(Making it reblog-able so that it’s easier for people to...


(Making it reblog-able so that it’s easier for people to add on.)

All of the blogs on the Tumblr Spotlight are highly recommended. Out of them, I follow Eff Yeah Asian HistoryMedium Aevum (the Middle Ages), Historicity (was already taken),Historical Nonfiction (for more general history and light reading), and a couple of others.

Also, if you look under the History tag, there’s a list of Editors and Contributors who are also worth looking at. 

European historyHistory of EuropeThe Stuart KingsHistoire (French history)Medieval,Victorian Era Fangirl Guide, Irish History, there’s a lot of them. I’ll add some more later.

General (they tend to be Euro-centric though)It’s Johnsen (pictures!), collective-history,Lost SplendorF-YEAH History!I would argueHistory: the Ultimate Fandom.

World Wars: The World at WarOnce Upon A Time in WarGreatest GenerationWE HAVE TO GO BACK. There are way too many World War blogs to list.

Third Reich-centric: Fuck Yeah! Albert SpeerOnkel Speer (apparently a lot of people like Albert Speer), We will be victorious, they will not control uswafflekriegPanzerkampfwagen VIEin Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer, Angriff!, and more…

Miscellaneous: Art of Swords (I love this blog so, so much), Women at WarCool Chicks from HistoryFUCK YEAH HISTORY CRUSHESFuck Yeah, History Foes! (funnier than its crush-counterpart), Latin American History, Fuck Yeah! and naturally, Fuck Yeah, History Major Heraldic Beast.

Ancient History/Archaeology: All MesopotamiaOMG that Artifact!Babylon Chronicle,Archaeological NewsHistoriated (not ancient, but a lot of pretty things). 

Art: Centuries PastUgly Renaissance Babies (hehe…), deadpaintwtfarthistory.

America: Founding Fatherfest, Revwarheart (a lot of other history/culture, too), Encyclopedia Virginia (I need suggestions on this section). 

You can also check out archives, libraries, and museums like U.S. National ArchivesLBJ Time MachineNew York Public Library, and Today’s Document.

I feel like I’ve left out a lot of great blogs. If anyone has a blog to recommend, don’t hesitate!

Recommended by others:

SovieticoPPSh-41 - recommended by Fuck Yeah, History Foes!; both Russia-centric.

The Devils GuardReparations - by Panzerkampfwagen VI; Third Reich-centric.

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